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I will come to China for a month because of the Chinese new year, so I decide to close commissions for a month. For the commissioner, I will finish all commissions after I back. I am sorry for delay >< I promise I will finish them asap.

♥ Pixel :1000 
Points (US$10)/character (with simple or blank bg)
  Momo by ziroland
♥ Headshot : 1200 Points (US$12) / character 
(with simple or blank bg)

Request from Maomao by ziroland  Art Trade from Kiri by ziroland
♥Half body - simple background : US$25 / character (with simple or blank bg) (+$20 for additional character) (PAYPAL ONLY)
  Raffle Prize for Brabbitwdl 030 by ziroland Reiki and Haji by ziroland Matsuno Brothers! by ziroland

♥Fullbody : US $35/character (with simple or blank bg) (+$30 for additional characther) (PAYPAL ONLY)
Rechel by ziroland Liang by ziroland

♥Character Design: US $70/character ( Including main character details and clothing design)(PAYPAL ONLY)
Haji-Vampire Ver.- by ziroland  Reiki-Vampire ver.- by ziroland


- The price may be changed depend on the character's details and background.
- I can draw boys&girls, couples, boy's love, light yuri, OCs, fanart.
- I only drawing with anime-style, do not ask me for a different style please. 


- Please send me a note attached with:
+ references
+ character info (name, age, gender, personality,...)
+ commission types
+ your e-mail
If you have any specific requests (character pose, background,...) please also inform me.
- Wait until I confirm your request and reply you back. You can send the payment (through donation poll) after having my confirmation. For PayPal you must pay PayPal taxes (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) if you use credit card.
- I will start on your commission only after I have received the payment. 
- It could take me a few weeks to finish your commission, so please be patient. 
- After finishing your commission, I will send it to you through note. After you checking the commissions, I will send you original size file by e-mail, then I will also post it on my gallery, but the picture will be resized. If you don't want me submit your commission, please mention it advance.


Thank for all commissioner before:
Thank you for support !! kaomoji set 2 18/67 
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Submitted on
November 25, 2016


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